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Working at a Real Estate Company and Becoming Self-Employed

Working at a Real Estate Company and Becoming Self-Employed

The parents of Max Polyakov were from Ukraine. They relocated to the US expecting life to be easier and much comfortable. But the parents of Max never had the official documents needed to get the best employment in America. So, they switched to doing petty less-paying jobs and their children too were also forced to work in order to get something to eat.

More about Max Polyakov and buildings

Max Polyakov together with his siblings was lucky to acquire free learning. Polyakov scored high marks and he additionally shined in school sports.

Studying in an American institution

Max Polyakov was sponsored to pursue Housing course alongside a Business program at a school within the United States. The skyline of that region impressed him and he loved the focused individuals he came across.

His admiration for constructions made him begin creating blogs. He began by composing reviews for various housing organizations. The blogs were great that they attracted many readers every time and Max made some good earnings from that.

Once Max Polyakov completed the studies, many companies wanted to give him a job. He accepted the offer by one them and he did an excellent which made him get a good salary increment. But he didn’t stop blogging. He did it alongside his work and he even began to write about existing housing organizations which scam clients.

Starting his housing organization

Young Polyakov chose to end his job contract and open a private housing company that he called Noosphere. Those individuals who liked his blogging instantly came to support him and even recommended the company to more people making it grow fast.

As Noosphere continued growing, Max Polyakov ensured to plan to settle down and have a family. He later married and had kids who he ensured to teach about making money while they were still young. In fact, one of the children was interested in houses like him. Max ensured to advice him thoroughly so that he can lead Noosphere organization when he grew up.

Max Polyakov's Noosphere firm


The home of Max Polyakov attained the dream of becoming wealthy. His siblings were also doing great in banking and interior designing companies. Max additionally created jobs for a lot of people; he even didn’t have to go to the office anymore. Instead, he could work at home. In his blogging, he advised young people about ways of making money. You can go and learn more about Polyakov at

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