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Max Polyakov: Working as a Real Estate Agent and Creating Noosphere Agency

Max Polyakov: Working as a Real Estate Agent and Creating Noosphere Agency

Max’s parents moved from Ukraine to America in search of a comfortable life. Unfortunately, they did not have the documents that would enable them to get jobs. This forced Max Polyakov and his brother and sister to begin working in order to sustain themselves.

More about Max

Lack of money did not make Max Polyakov give up in life. He was able to get free education and he was a very bright student. Besides doing well in class, he was also good at sports.

New York University

Max Polyakov was awarded a scholarship to study at New York University. He studied a Real Estate course alongside a Business Studies course. While at the university, the skyline of New York caught his attention and he was also impressed by the determination of the people in that city.

His love for houses prompted him to create a blog. He wrote reviews about real estate agencies and he was able to make some money from his blogs.


When he completed school, Max Polyakov got many job offers. He picked one of them and started working. He performed well at work that his employer started paying him a 6-figure salary in less than one year of working. Besides his job, Max was still writing blogs and he even switched to writing about scammers in real estate businesses that need to be avoided.

Max Polyakov's Noosphere firm

Noosphere agency

Max Polyakov quit his job after working for three years to start his own business. He started a company which he named Noosphere. The people who loved reading his blogs immediately became his customers and they even recommended Noosphere to their family and friends.

Max Polyakov had been dating a certain girl for some time. They got married and even had children and he made sure he taught his children how to make it life while they were very young. He was ready to support them in any career they choose to pursue. Fortunately, his son had a passion for houses and he ensured to offer him the necessary support he needed to excel and even manage Noosphere Company in the future.


The family of Max Polyakov was finally happy because they achieved their dreams. His brother became an outstanding banker and his sister worked in an interior decorating company. Polyakov had many employees to run his business. He could stay at home and work from there. He even used his blog to teach the youths how to become wealthy.

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