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Max Polyakov as a Real Estate Agent and How He Created Noosphere Company

Max Polyakov as a Real Estate Agent and How He Created Noosphere Company

The family of Max Polyakov moved from Ukraine to America during the late 80s hoping to better their lives. Unfortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Polyakov did not have the right documents to enable them to secure jobs in the US. This forced Max and his siblings to start working in order to assist their parents in sustaining the family.

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Max Polyakov did not let his family’s poverty affect his life. He was an all-rounded child, he had a passion for houses, he was a studious student making him the best in his class and he was also excellent in sports.

New York University

Max Polyakov got a scholarship to study Real Estate along with Business Studies at New York University. While there, he fell in love with the skyline of the city and he admired the determination of the people he met.

Max’s passion for buildings prompted him to start writing blogs. He wrote reviews about real estate companies and he earned some money from them.

Real estate job

After completing his course, Max Polyakov received several work offers and he accepted one of them. He did the job well that he even started earning a 6-figure salary after a few months. Max was also still making money from his blogs and he decided to start writing about fake real estate companies that people should avoid.

Max Polyakov's Noosphere firm

Noosphere agency

After Max Polyakov worked as a real estate representative for three years, he decided to resign and start his own company. He named his company Noosphere and the people who loved reading his blogs immediately became his clients and they even recommended him to others.

There was a girl who Max Polyakov was dating for some months. He decided to marry her and they had children. Polyakov ensured to teach his children how to succeed in life while they were still young. He was willing to support the children in whatever they wanted to pursue. Luckily, his son developed a passion for buildings just like him and he ensured to give all the support he needed so that one day he could manage Noosphere Company.


Max Polyakov and his siblings accomplished their childhood dreams. His brother had become a great banker and his sister owned an interior decorating business. Polyakov hired great employees who could run his business so that he could work from home. He even started focusing on teaching young people how to be wealthy on his blog.

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