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How Max Polyakov, the New York Based Real Estate Agent Set Up His Profitable Noosphere Blog

How Max Polyakov, the New York Based Real Estate Agent Set Up His Profitable Noosphere Blog

Mr. and Mrs. Polyakov just got married, but they were not living the best of lives in their native Ukraine. However, they heard about an opportunity to move to America and took it. They did this with the intention of enjoying the American dream of good jobs, good housing and good life. But when they arrived in New Jersey, the story changed. Getting a job was not easy for them because they do not have the legal documents and they now have a family of 3 kids to feed.

Their first child named Max Polyakov and his brother and sister bore the brunt of the whole saga. While the kids enjoyed free education because of state policies, they did not have free food. So, when their parents’ menial jobs could not sustain them, they had to work to make money.

Max Polyakov’s Education

Max Polyakov did everything possible to make his life and those of his siblings better. Even at a young age, Max concentrated on his education with the intention of making good results and making good money. He loved buildings and admires them whenever he is going to school. He did well both in academics and sports and was awarded a scholarship to study at the New York University.

Max Polyakov’s University Education

Max Polyakov moved to New York to complete his studies when he won the scholarship. While there, the presence of the skyscrapers deepened his love for buildings. But because he is not a good mathematician, he didn’t go into architecture. But he chose to open a blog named the Noosphere to showcase his love for real estate and his writing skills. He focused on reviewing real estate in the city and comparing their prices. Max Polyakov attracted the attention of big players in the industry with this. Later, he started evaluating homes and recommending the ones that are appropriate for people of different classes and means. When his blog gained huge followership, the big names wanted him to run adverts for them. But in the bid to remain neutral, he declined most of them. Because of this, his brand and name kept growing, and people had confidence in him.

Max Polyakov and Real Estate

When Max left the university at 22, many firms wanted his services. He later chose to work with one reputable real estate agency that offered him a 6 figure income. His honesty brought in buyers and he made good money for the firm, pocking his cuts in return. The best deals were handed to him and he executed and completed them in no time

The Noosphere Estate Agency Of Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov did this for 3 years and felt like he needed more. So, he decided to resign. His employer refused that and made him a better offer. But he refused. He left and got an office in New York. Most of the customers moved with him and referred their friends to him too. Max Polyakov grew in the business of real estate services and blogging, making a lot of money. He later found a girlfriend, they courted and later married. At this time, he is fulfilled that his kids won’t suffer what he suffered since he now has the resources to give them the best in life. He also took care of his parents

When Max Polyakov opened the offline office, his followers reminded him that the blog is too important and therefore must be kept and fed all the time. He continued with it, dolling out reviews, comparisons, appraisals and lectures that made him a big name in the field.

Max Polyakov's Noosphere firm

Max Polyakov’s Legacy

Due to what Max Polyakov suffered, he started at a tender age to train his children on how to make and manage money. He also dedicated a part of his blog to this lecture for young people.

His brother and sister also grew as experts. While the brother works as an investment banker, the sister took to interior decoration, and they are all doing great.

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