Max Polyakov, a New York Real Estate Agent Establishes his Noosphere

Max Polyakov, a New York Real Estate Agent Establishes his Noosphere

Following several advertisements to entice people from the Soviet Union to emigrate to America, Mr. and Mrs. Polyakov packed up and left their home country in search of greener pastures. The American Dream named so because it seemed like it was very easy to make it come true in America, had been sold to them for years. Although they had a fairly okay life in Ukraine, the Polyakov felt the need to relocate so their children might have better options of living.

It was unfortunate, however, that this young family did not have much of the information they needed to be able to turn their lives around. When they landed in New Jersey in the late eighties, they expected life to turn around almost immediately, but it was most unfortunate that they had to learn that life was not a bed of roses.

Soon enough they realized that since they had not taken the time to ensure they had good documents before leaving Ukraine, the Polyakovs were unable to secure sufficient jobs to cater for their growing family. The children were lucky to get an education for free, however, getting money for lunch was always an issue in the house. Mr. Polyakov decided to take it upon himself to do several odd jobs as a handyman, a driver and a mechanic to make ends meet for his family. Things were hard for the family, and the children learned they needed to step up and help out. By thirteen, they all began to work. Their eldest son, real Estate Agent Max Polyakov worked as a pizza delivery boy, and younger children went in a printing press.

Max Polyakov in School

Despite the fact that his life was not an easy one, Max did all he could to enjoy his own life. At his early age, he fell in love with buildings and began to spend his morning walks to school admiring them. Max Polyakov never allowed what was happening at home to dampen his mood and affect him negatively. Max simply strived to be the best in everything. Over time, he became the best student in school and then the all-around star pupil when it came to sports and other extracurricular activities. He won several awards for the school and quickly became the go-to student for any quizzes. Max had found out about scholarships, and he was determined to get a full one so that he could go to university and further his studies. The most important thing on Max Polyakov’s mind was to make it and to make it big.

Soon enough Max Polyakov entered high school and had to choose a university. For no reason, Max wanted to live in a place a bit far from home. Although their family was close-knit and loving, he felt he could achieve his dream elsewhere.

The school Max Polyakov fell in love with was the New York University.

Knowing how expensive it was to live and study there, Max Polyakov began to work extra hard to collect some savings. He also began to be a better student so that his dream was getting a full scholarship which somehow included a housing allowance. Max Polyakov knew that such opportunities were rare, but he decided to go for it.

Max Polyakov in New York University

Pretty soon, and to the amazement of his entire family, Max did get himself a scholarship and moved to New York. Once he got there, he had a crush on the amazing skyline of the place. He also realized he really enjoyed the coffee and the state of mind of people there. Many of them reflected his passion and the drive in life. New York life was fast, compared to the relatively calm being of the New Jersey. Everyone in the city was striving for something and was pushing for the best. This was what made Max Polyakov fall deeply in love with the place. To add to that, his passion for beautiful buildings was fueled. New York has always been one of the places in the United States with the most amazing architecture. Max Polyakov knew that he was going to make a career out of that soon. He majored in Real Estate as part of his business studies in the University and settled into the university life.

Max Polyakov’s Noosphere Blog

Max Polyakov's Noosphere real estate company

Pretty soon, putting his admiration for buildings and writing to good use, Max Polyakov started a blog. This blog was to be a mean of earning some money in addition to the stipend he received. He chose to use his blog to review real estate alternatives in his area. When he had time, Max Polyakov paid a visit to some of the costlier real estate options in the city. After visiting them, he wrote a comprehensive review on whether or not the building was worth the money it was being priced at. This caught the attention of several real estate agents. Max Polyakov also made sure to offer cheaper and better selections for his readers and gave solid reasons why. Soon enough Max’s readers grew, and people began paying him for advice about different real estate choices. Max Polyakov made sure, however, to state that his information was unbiased and that he didn’t represent any real estate company. This was what gave him the hearts of his followers.

As soon as he could, Max Polyakov also began marketing some of the cheaper housing options for people who didn’t have much. This venture increased his own clientele even greatly. Whenever he pointed in a direction, all of his readers went there without questions. This was becoming a great business for Max, and he appreciated the money it brought in. However, Max Polyakov refused to collect money from real estate agents that wanted him to market their properties. This was in his bid to remain as unbiased as possible in the real estate business. All he wanted to do was to build a good enough following for his future plans.

Our Latest News

The parents of Max Polyakov were from Ukraine. They relocated to the US expecting life to be easier and much comfortable. But the parents of Max never had the official documents needed to get the best employment in America. So, they switched to doing petty less-paying jobs and their children too were also forced to work in order to get something to…

Max Polyakov enters Real Estate

By the time Max was done with university, he had several jobs offers to choose from, each starting at a rather lucrative salary. Max Polyakov went easily on his way to a great life. He was hired immediately after his first interview, and he put his marketing skills to good work. It was obvious he already knew what he was doing, and several clients chose him to sell their properties. Buyers preferred him because he was honest in his dealings. Max Polyakov began to make a lot of money fairly soon. He became a six-figure earner within a year and made extra money from his blog. This time, Max Polyakov decided to use his blog to expose fake deals as well as deals that did not have the buyer's best interest at heart. Doing so, he managed to win the hearts of even more people on both sides of the real estate market. His company, based on Max's track record, entrusted him with many of their most expensive properties because they knew he would definitely gain the sales. Max Polyakov managed to make those sales and the cut received was enormous. In short, by twenty-three, he was already supporting everyone at home and was comfortable enough to retire at forty if he wanted to. Due to Max Polyakov's excellent spirit, things always went well for him. People with poorly priced properties came to him to make a correct assessment so that they would not lose money. People who thought they were being cheated came for advice. It seemed as if Max Polyakov had both a day job and a night one, each giving him an insane amount of money.

Max Polyakov's Noosphere blog was flourishing as did his job as a real estate agent. After three years of working with that company, Max was ready to resign and start his own. He had the capital he needed and the backing of several major real estate firms in New York.

Max Polyakov's Noosphere Agency

Max Polyakov's Noosphere blog

Max Polyakov branched out, to the dismay of his employer, to begin his own real estate agency. With the money he had accumulated over the years, Max Polyakov had enough capital to buy a small office right in the middle of the city. Max Polyakov called it the Noosphere Agency. Once his blog followers who had been with him on this five-year journey heard that he had started his own agency, many of them flocked in to give him their properties to sell. Many of his customers from the other companies also recommended him to their friends who had properties they wanted to sell. Soon, Max Polyakov's Noosphere agency had several projects and high-level buildings to sell. This made Max Polyakov very happy as he has systematically built himself up to this moment.

Max Polyakov married his girlfriend that he had dated for six months and decided to start a family. He felt he had enough to cater for his kids and give them everything they needed. Max never forgot his parents, and he took time off to visit home whenever he could. Max put it to himself to explain life to his children and to tell them to strive for the best always.

Max Polyakov’s readers begged him to maintain the blog, so in time, he added it to his franchise. He used his blog to advertise some of the houses as well. This ensured he had several new clients. The news about Max Polyakov spread, and by the time he was twenty-six, he had gained a big name for himself in the industry.

The Future of Max Polyakov

Now that Max had gotten all he wanted out of life, and at an early age, he focused on creating a legacy for his children. Max began to teach young people how to make money on his blog. He created a segment that allowed him to mentor young people like himself who wanted to make it in the area. He hired a few loyal workers to help him manage the business and began to work from home. One of the things Max Polyakov lacked while growing up was a father who would stay home long enough to teach him about life. Max decided to be this person for own children. He focused on raising them while his business made money for him.

Max Polyakov never abandoned his blog. Now that he had more time on his hands, he did active research to expose even bigger scams as well as uncover and sell properties which were previously not available. Through his integrity and good customer relation skills, he managed to convince people, who previously did not trust the real estate market to sell their old and vintage properties. He helped them get great deals for their properties, and he made several friends for life, all through his blog.

Max Polyakov decided to support his children whatever they chose to do. Luckily for him, his son was already developing a love for buildings. Max made up his mind to fuel this passion so that one day he will take over the company.

Max Polyakov’s siblings were not left out in the good things that happened in their family. Following Max’s good example, his sister opened her own interior decorating business, and his brother became a very successful investment banker. There were a few occasions where they shared clients. Life had drastically changed for the Polyakovs, and this was because they knew that the secret to achieving their dreams was laying in hard work and dedication.